(Expériences a vivre)


(Expériences a vivre)

Courtesy/Politeness and its practices have never been as needed as now…

Knowing the behavioral codes of living together is as critical as ever in our changing society.


France exemplifies a unique Etiquette of Living Together

The strength of the French model is its capacity to adapt not only to the contemporary world but
also to the multiculturalism challenge as well as to the changes imposed by social networks and the
relationship between citizenship and work.
The French Etiquette is an opportunity for everyone who wants to be successful in their life to
continue to improve oneself.

" Il existe une politesse du cœur, elle est parente de l'amour " Goethe

(Experience n.1: Private Life)

Guiding you in the art of communication, the art of entertaining/hosting, the art of behaving and
therefore improving your social life while progressing with elegance and grace.


​Dress code
The art of conversation
The Art of Introductions
The correct use of French language
The art of eating and living well
The Art of Correspondence
 The Basics of Politeness /good manners
Decoding the codes
Kids parties: politeness is a game
(experience n.2: At work)


With a courteous attitude to ease relationships with all business actors to promote better
professional and personal development.

Dress code
Recruiting and interviewing
Managing cultural differences
Art of eating and living well: business lunch
(Experience n.3: the Art of leisure)
​You are visiting an exceptional region with a significant history!
You are in the middle of the French Valley of the kings, and we offer you to discover and appreciate the French art of living.

Dress code
The art of entertaining guests and being a guest (Art of hosting or being hosted)
The Art of expressing yourself and communicating well

(Experience n.4: Just for you)

You may have desires or specific wishes, we offer to make them unforgettable by addressing any unique requirements

Social events in private castles and residences
A Day in the Countryside
Art and Culture walking tours
Wine tastings
Business trips organization
Pre-wedding parties