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Evelyne  de  Mascarel

Professional coach

The Etiquette of Living Together is more than ever at the centre of our communities, organisations and family issues.




A history and winemaking graduate, founder and director of an events company then owner-
operator of a vineyard and chateau, Evelyne built her career around positive relationships, artistic
endevours and, in a general sense, the French Art of Living.

​Convinced by the need to help understand and enforce the right customs in order to live well in
society and to improve everybody’s wellbeing, whether in an organisation, in a community or in a
family setting, she decided to start sharing her knowledge and her experience.


In the heart of the Valley of the Kings, Evelyne de Mascarel:

  •    taught good manners at the Tunon School,

  •    was a columnist for TV Tours

  •    intervenes in companies and with individuals,

  •    also makes discover the "French etiquette" to foreigners,

  •    is a partner in Tours: of the Town Hall, the Tourist Office, the "City of Gastronomy" and the IEHCA,

  •  is a columnist at RCF

  • was a professor at ESG

In 2017 she founded her company to promote the French Art of Living.



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